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Halloween Craft Ideas for 2019: Kits, Decopatch and more

Photo of pumpkins

October is here! The Spooky Season has arrived and the nights are drawing in. It’s time to gather your coven indoors out of the rain. With these craft ideas for Halloween, you’re sure to keep the boredom demon away.

As the summer fades, the rich and radiant colours of Autumn have arrived, along with a bit of a chill! This is definitely my favourite time of the year, because of that feeling of change in the air, the anticipation of the winter celebrations, and the arrival of certain spiced hot drinks in the coffee shops. Plus of course, I’m a bit of a closet goth, so Halloween is my time!

It’s also a time when we’re more indoors, and looking for activities to keep us busy. We’ve put together a few ideas from our store, and further afield.

Now, it’s time for us to dust off the costume box and face paints, and decide what we’re going to dress as this year. What will you be?

Halloween Craft Kits

We’ve got ideas for all the family in our Halloween shop. Cats and snakes and spiders, oh my! And check out those little owls… perhaps they’re not so spooky?

Paper Spotlight: Ideas for Halloween Paper Designs

Decopatch papers can decorate anything, from your cauldron to your familiar’s lair. We’ve picked a few of our seasonal favourites for Halloween. A great addition to any craft project!

Recipe Idea

We found this recipe for spooky spider biscuits. They look like lots of fun; the little people in your world are sure to enjoy them!

Halloween Craft Recipe Idea - spider biscuits

More Halloween Craft Ideas

Some crafty halloween images we found around the (spider) web…

What will you do?

We’d love to hear from you about your plans for Halloween. Share your ideas and photos in the comments!

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