Decopatch Paper FDA679


  • Genuine Decopatch branded decoupage papers
  • Hundreds of designs available for just £0.95
  • Vibrant colours will not run, fade or bleed
  • Paper will not tear or bobble when wet
  • Fine weight is easy to manipulate and will hug any contour

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Decopatch Paper FDA679

Halloween Paper orange, purple, white and black. Spooky trees, scarey cats, skulls, ghosts, bats, witches hats, brooms, pumpkins and haunted houses.

Decopatch Paper is a fine, tissue-like paper, printed with beautiful patterns. Choose from a range of hundreds of designs to suit your item, idea, or colour scheme.

Decopatch Paper is colour-fast, so the colours will not bleed or fade when it is wetted with glue. It will not bobble or tear when wet, and is surprisingly strong. It is fine and light enough to cling tightly to the most intricate contours of your item. Imitation papers may not possess all of these qualities!

If you are decopatching a darker coloured item, you may wish to use gesso or white acrylic paint to undercoat the item. This will bring out the colours of the paper in all of their vibrancy.

Tear the paper into pieces for a patchwork effect, or cut with scissors or a craft knife for more intricate designs.

MakeArt strive to offer the most complete range of Decopatch Papers possible. Full sheets are just £0.95.


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