Rag Doll Kit – Mini Sewing and Embellishment Project


  • Make your own rag doll and decorate it however you like!
  • Includes everything other than a needle and thread
  • Teach sewing and encourage fine motor skills
  • Suitable for age 3+. Younger children will require assistance.
  • Do not leave children unattended with needles, scissors or sharp objects.

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Our rag doll kit is a fun-filled and unique project which includes a blank doll shape for you to clothe and decorate. The kit includes felt, wool, sequins and buttons, so all you need is a needle and thread. Of course you can add your own fabric and paint, glitter, whatever you like!

Seasonal ideas for your Rag Doll Kit

  • Create your very own Christmas Elf
  • Make a Voodoo doll at Halloween


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